The NPO PM Training Team

Project Management Training for Non Profit Organizations

Workshop facilitators and coaches:  The workshops are delivered by certified and highly experienced PM professionals who come from different industries.

paulastell Paul Astell  View Paul Astell's LinkedIn profileView Paul Astell's profile is a certified Project Management Professional who has been working as a Project Manager in high-tech for over 12 years. Paul specializes in advanced R&D projects which are unique and have different requirements - not unlike the projects in the non-profit sector. Currently Paul is working at the Communications Research Centre.

CliffThornton Cliff Thornton View Cliff Thornton's LinkedIn profileView Cliff Thornton's profile is a certified Project Management Professional who has been in the high-tech industry for over 22 years.  Cliff has worked in various inspiring roles over his 18 years at Cognos / IBM and now as an independent consultant.  His roles have included: Customer Support, Software QA/QC, Release Management, Program Coordinator / Operations Management notably covering all areas (hardware, software, procurement, legal, process document, etc.) of deploying an entire lab to handle 300 users, Agile Methodology implementation and has helped organize and provide numerous NPO PM training workshops.

KarenW Karen Wilson View Karen Wilson's LinkedIn profileView Karen Wilson's profile is a certified Project Management Professional who has been working as a project manager for over 10 years. Karen has been involved in a diverse range of projects types including Hi-tech, IT, and small business. Karen brings a widely ranging background and high energy to projects of all types and sizes. She enjoys sharing her drive and ability to get things done!

Dawn162015 Dawn Bailey View Dawn Bailey's LinkedIn profileView Dawn Bailey's profile is a PMP certified project manager with 20 years of experience managing global projects covering a broad range of activities. Her passion is solving problems through diligent analysis of issues and finding creative ways (and people) to solve them. Dawn is currently at IBM where her team is responsible for division wide infrastructure, tooling and projects - including Defect Management, Accessibility, Education, Capital Planning and Resource Management. Dawn is active on the NPO PM board of directors and is also an avid volunteer and community member for her local school and region.


The coaches are drawn from the same pool of experienced project managers and they will help guide course attendees to use their new PM skills through the early months of the project.

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